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A new PUNISHER film in the works, this time by Marvel

Yesterday Marvel announced that they were going to be doing a new PUNISHER film. If you can remember there have been 3 previous PUNISHER films starting with the 1989 version that starred Dolph Lundgren. They rebooted it in 2004 with Thomas Jane, and again in 2008 with Ray Stevenson.

Well this time Marvel has all the rights to the film. Although they had a hand in the last two films, they have since started handling the majority of Marvel films in house instead of co-producing. This makes me pretty happy. If they could somehow combine the violence of PUNISHER: WAR ZONE, and the 1989 original THE PUNISHER…I would be ecstatic.

What do you guys think of a new PUNISHER film in the pipeline?

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  • Heath Scott

    I really liked Stevenson as Punisher and I also enjoyed the super violence of WAR ZONE. It's one of the only movies I own that I know is a bad movie, but still kind of good because it's so crazy. I guess I'm game for more Punisher no matter who it is.

  • Boxer Joe Manning

    If they do they need to make it a trilogy and introduce Daredevil into it, or Moon Knight, maybe Shang Chi? Some low-level streets. AND They MUST Have Bullseye as a main villian, Punisher/Bullseye in the latest 2010 max series has been more interesting than most of the DD/Bullseye stuff, not all, but he is just as much a Punisher villian as he is a DD one.

    Plus Kingpin, then they can bring in a whole Marvel Knights series, DD with his own movie, Shang Chi and Moon Knight with their own movie, then one with all of em taking down Kingpin once and for all or something. I'm just rambling offa the top of my head. But I think it could work.

  • edwinsdegroot

    enough of the super villain shit. Punisher max was all about the real world. OK, Castle staying alive all the time might be a bit 'weird' but can be advocated by the fact he's doing his thing for over 30 years. He has to face real opponents, not donald duck people like the russian (although those were very entertaining stories). Punisher can fight the Eastern Europe mob, or the Mexican kartels. Either way, they have to be 'normal' people in order to make the punisher's story an believable epic or gore.

    dark and insane, with no plot or ending; there's been enough written down by Ennis to fill an complete decade of movies, so what the fuck is the problem everytime? why change what is already good? the same with the remake of the new conan movie… why the fuck remake arnold's movie?? that isn't how howard wrote it… that isn't how we fans read it… and dont want to see it…
    adapt the written stories as they were told, and we'll all be good!

  • scandeh

    henry rollins for new punisher, based on MAX series, voice-over monologues ala 'sin city' and made seriously, 18 cert, barracuda as villain (micheal clarke duncan or shaq)

  • punishfan

    well they need to quit letting them all hang in the damn wind!!!! if they can do a punisher film and finish the story!! i would just be happy with that much.

  • rich

    a cool idea would be to introduce punisher into a spiderman movie just like in the comic book. i believe it was spiderman 126 where punisher made his first appearance. im a huge punisher fan and i must say thomas jane did it best.

  • taylor

    fuck no! if anything it has to be thomas jane as the punisher!!!!!!!

  • PunisheR PRO

    This Film Should NOT be a remake.Pure and Simple.after all, EVERY punisher film has been a remake!And since i have heard that marvel has sold their company to disney,they probably WONT make another one!but if they do they should make a sequel to The Punisher:WARZONE.because i dont want to see a new actor playing the punisher or see his story
    all over again!Does anyone Agree?