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Oscar the death cat heads to the big screen

Remember Oscar, the adorable little feline who can not only purr and meow but also tell when someone is about to pass away? We all heard about Oscar a few years ago when the New England Journal of Medicine published a story about him and promptly frightened anyone with a cat.

Oscar’s bizarre tale (I almost typed “tail”) is now getting the big screen treatment. According to Variety, writers Stephen Lindsey and Luis Ugaz are adapting the book about Oscar. The book, Making The Rounds With Oscar: The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat by David Dosa is all about the cat and his ability to figure out who was nearing death’s door.

Here’s a better summation of Oscar’s talents, via The Guardian:

During his five-year stint at the dementia unit, the cat has earned a reputation as a harbinger of impending death, reputedly curling up alongside patients who had just a few hours left to live. His habits have served as an early warning system to staff, giving them time to contact the friends and relatives of the patient. Dosa suggests the animal may be drawn to the odour of ketones, the biochemicals released by dying cells.

According to Dosa, Oscar continues to go about his duties at the nursing home, “mostly to the delight of family members struggling to deal with the death of their loved ones”.

While this is a fascinating story, I am having trouble visualizing it as a movie. Will the movie be told from a nurse’s perspective? A family members? Will Oscar be the main character or a supporting part? Will this movie be a drama or family film or, worse yet, a comedy?

No word on director, studio or casting for Oscar.

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