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Clint Eastwood will direct Beyonce in A STAR IS BORN remake

This is quite a week for remakes and reboots, isn’t it?

Now with maybe the biggest news of the week, comes Deadline reporting that Clint Eastwood will direct and produce a remake of A STAR IS BORN starring Beyonce for Warner Bros. Whoa. The script is being written by Will Fetters, Billy Gerber and Jon Peters and there is currently no male star attached. Whoever they cast as Beyonce’s love interest, you can bet it’ll be a big name. The plan is to start shooting this fall.

This is a project that’s been in development for awhile but never with names as big as these. Eastwood is one of the most respected directors in the world and Beyonce is a massive pop star. Of course, most people remember the adaptation of A STAR IS BORN with Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson from 1976. I can only imagine how big this one will be.

This is something else, isn’t it? They don’t get much bigger than Clint Eastwood or Beyonce. Combining these two stars for an established property is a pretty smart move by Warner Bros. Will this be Clint’s next shot at an Oscar? And what about Beyonce? She could be on her way to an EGOT! Still, it feels odd. Maybe it’s the pairing, maybe it’s the timing. Maybe I don’t know what it is but something about this project just feels odd. Then again, I’m not really a musical person.

For those who don’t know, I’ve included the synopsis for A STAR IS BORN below. Read it and start your dream-casting!

The plot is simple: aspiring female singer/songerwriter meets famous, successful and self-destructive male singer/songwriter, who over a series of coincidental meetings finally start dating and he, believing in her talent, gives her a helping hand and her career begins to eclipse his…

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  • anon Ymus

    —-Fresh off a string of New World Order/RED China 'eugenics friendly'
    vehicles (Million Dollar Baby, IWO trilogy etc.) —AND after having cunningly
    BAULKED the staggeringly relevant 60th Anniversary of the KOREAN WAR
    last year –Eastwood 'moves on' to that stalest of early 50's retreads
    —'A Star Is Born'.

    Funny how DENIAL works IN FACT ——toooooooo funny…

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    this is my first time here and just wanted to stop by and say Hi Everyone