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The State of Television #1 1/17/11

I love television. My earliest memories were that of me waddling to my parents’ television as a toddler and flipping MUPPET BABIES on Saturday mornings. I was raised watching syndicated STAR TREK with my dad on Sunday nights at 6. This was always followed by 60 MINUTES. THE SIMPSONS and SEINFELD defined what I felt about comedy. And I cried when ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT was taken off the air (well maybe I didn’t cry, but I definitely went through a severe bout of depression). I have watched world changing events live from my home and have had many great experiences with friends on weekly viewing parties. Hell, its even helped educate me for my own home business. You can definitely say that television has been an important factor in my life.

Many people would argue that the fifties were the golden age of television. There were many critically acclaimed programs and it was still a young medium. People were still adjusting to the idea of Hollywood entertainment right inside your living room. There was a fascination with this instant home access. Hollywood was coming into your home. You were there with the stars. The obsession had begun. I don’t want to give you a history lesson, so I’ll leave it at the fact that TV was going to be big.

It is only recently that I have felt that television has been the caliber it should be on a constant basis. Finally fulfilling the promise of that magic black box. I would argue that TV has been even more consistent at creating quality product than the film industry has been lately. I only have a few films I’d like to see in theatres at the moment, but my DVR is full with ongoing series I have been enjoying at my own pace. I have access to the likes of zombies, sixties ad men, Atlantic City gangsters and so many more. Filmmakers like Darabont and Scorsese are blowing my mind and its only from my couch. It says something when movie stars are now starring in TV shows and its considered a step up. Frankly, TV is kicking ass.

And its not all about scripted programming. There’s the reality shows, the competitions, the news, the wildlife expeditions, the gangland documentaries, just to name a few. What do you want to watch, because chances are its somewhere on your cable or dish provider right now. And we have only seen a slight bit of what’s coming our way. Imagine where TV will be as the internet and film industry continuously combine over the next few years. It will be a multimedia extravaganza. But I’m getting ahead of myself. This is a column about what TV is now.

So what exactly is The State of Television? Basically, it is all your TV news summed up in a weekly article. I will be shooting to get this column up every Monday, unless some cataclysmic event occurs. I’ll be talking ratings, new shows, casting, budgets and anything exciting involving television that seems right to include. I may get slightly obsessed with certain programs and I may get frustrated with AMERICAN IDOL still killing in the ratings. And just because I’m not a big GLEE fan, that doesn’t mean I won’t report on it if the news seems fit to print. And if there’s anything pressing that you feel this article is missing, feel free to tell me. I promise to listen.

I am excited for this opportunity to share with you and hope that for the most part that you at least find this column a wee bit entertaining. With all that said, I need to get back to catching up on DEXTER. I’m on season 2 right now and I’m starting to enjoy it. Safe journeys.

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  • Keller

    YAY! I too agree with you that television is getting better than the movies these days…I've just started The Walking Dead and am hooked. Mad Men, Dexter, and even some half hour comedies like 30 Rock and Community are suprising me every week! Can't wait to read this column!