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The State of Television #4 2/7/2011

Written by Very Aware’s TV expert Daniel, The State of Television is a weekly column that highlights and sums up the biggest and most important news regarding the small screen. From ratings news to cancellations to cast shake-ups, The State of Television brings you everything you need to know about that powerful little box in your living room.

I have worked the last twelve days straight. I am exhausted, stressed, delirious and grumpy. Every time I sleep I know that when I wake up, it’ll be time for me to go to work again. It can be frustrating at times and it can seem quite unfair. I don’t have much time to “chill”. Lately, the most relaxing time I have had is when I can sit my ass down on my couch, hang with my dog and watch TV. Seriously, no effort to be had, but to be entertained. These are the moments I savor. TV has been my de-stresser, my relief, my savior…well that may be going a bit far, but you get the point. Watching TV has been my escape  and I thank it for what it has done. With that said, on to an exciting week of news.

First off, the biggest news of the week. Super Bowl XLV became the most watched program in television history. With 111 million viewers, it beat out last year’s Super Bowl that had 106.5 million watchers and the series finale of M.A.S.H. which had 106 million viewers in 1983. That’s a whopping number of people who tuned in. Honestly, I found it kind of a disappointing game. Not once did I think The Steelers would beat The Packers, considering they were behind the whole game. However, watching Christina Aguilera mess up the lyrics to “The Star Spangled Banner” was pretty entertaining. And that CAPTAIN AMERICA TV spot was pretty bad ass.

I also happened to catch the commercial to Steven Spielberg’s new television show TERRA NOVA during the big game. I was underwhelmed. The CG dinos looked shoddy, almost of a SyFy channel like quality and it kind of reminded me of a TV show version of AVATAR. I still have plenty of faith in this show considering who is involved, but I can’t say that that commercial piqued my interest in any way. Hopefully this will change between now and the time the show comes out.

Speaking of not, well kinda, interesting news to me, Tom Welling’s run as the man in blue is coming to an end this May. That’s right, SMALLVILLE has its series finale on May 13. It will be a 2 hour final episode paired with a 2 hour season finale of otherworldly mystery known as SUPERNATURAL. To be quite honest with you, I have never seen the show, but I know there are rabid fans of the chronicles of young Mr. Kent. Hopefully, he will finally wear those magical red underwear in the end. The show has been running for ten years. In the beginning of the show, I remember hearing that the creators of SMALLVILLE said that Clark would neither fly nor wear the iconic suit in the TV show’s run. I doubt that this will be the case with the finale though. I expect Clark’s ascension into Superman will be somehow related to the last shots of the series. But what do I know? I’ve never seen the show, so I really have no place to speak. Sometimes I really regret never getting on that SMALLVILLE wagon.

A show that I’m glad I never jumped on would be TWO AND A HALF MEN. I have no reason to hate this show, besides the lame acting, lame writing, lame concept, and lame everything about it, but I just do. Charlie Sheen’s problems in his personal life don’t interest me, but the fact that this lame show has forged on makes no sense. Charlie Sheen will be back by the end of the month. I’m happy he’s getting healthier and saddened that this show’s life has been extended.

The Writer’s Guild had their awards this past week and MAD MEN and MODERN FAMILY were the big winners in the television competitions. I think both are highly deserving of these awards. Although I would prefer COMMUNITY to win the awards in television comedy this year, MODERN FAMILY does deserve it. As for MAD MEN, it was on a whole different level. MAD MEN was amazing this past year. Jon Hamm’s performance this year was his best year yet. Its weird that Matt Weiner has not yet been picked up for a fifth season as show runner. The show hasn’t even been picked up for a fifth season. You would think for a show of so many accolades that it would be a sure thing. I’m sure it will be, but its odd that it hasn’t been picked up yet. I have no doubt that we will see more of Don’s escapades and mental breakdowns in the near future.

Just a head’s up, FX’s bad ass TV western JUSTIFIED comes back this Wednesday. I am in no way paid by FOX, but Timothy Olyphant’s cowboy action-drama is greatly written and awesomely acted.

And to end with some TV related news. Supposedly there will be an ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT movie this year. At least that is creator’s intention. Mitch Hurwitz told Digital Spy he was hoping to “shoot it this year and get it out this year”. I am piss-my-pants-excited if this comes to fruition. I know we’ve heard many times that this would be happening, but what if it actually was? Wouldn’t that be something to hope or wish for? For me it is. I still continuously watch my DVD’s of the tri-season show. I quote it and I still laugh loudly when I watch old episodes. My life is better with ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT in existence. Any extension of this universe would improve my life even more. This is not an exaggeration. Long live AD!

Well, it’s early in the morning and I must return to my wonderful job tomorrow morning. But when I do get a day off, I plan on dancing around my living room and I will totally divulge in some TV marathons of some kind. Maybe I’ll catch up on TOP CHEF ALL STARS. Anyway, my couch will get some great “me time” that day, whenever that may be.

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