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The State of Television #5 2/15/2011

Written by Very Aware’s TV expert Daniel, The State of Television is a weekly column that highlights and sums up the biggest and most important news regarding the small screen. From ratings news to cancellations to cast shake-ups, The State of Television brings you everything you need to know about that powerful little box in your living room.

I apologize for the lateness of this week’s column. With V-day landing on a Monday this year, it ended up being one non-stop day of working then taking the lady out. It is my day off today though, so you get the article today. Its better today anyway, I’m rested and able to watch TV while writing this article. I’ve been doing a lot of catching up on my Thursday night comedy and Bill Maher. So with a clear mind, here is some news that I think is worth typing about. It seems to be a week of come back news. News anchors, super villains and a childrens’ TV star all make the news.

Keith Olbermann will be back. The former COUNTDOWN host will be working with Current TV’s news division. In addition, to contributing news stories, he will have his own show at his old time. This means he will still be in competition with his former rival Bill O’ Reilly and his former colleague, Lawrence O’ Donnell. I’m glad I didn’t have to wait long for Keith to join my nightly news line-up again. Yeah, its on Current, which has a fairly small audience, but I think this will be the perfect niche for Olbermann. Younger viewers really like him and Current is a younger channel. He’ll be able to build much more on this network, than he ever would have been able to on MSNBC. I feel for my pops though, living in rural northern California, he does not get Current on his cable provider. Sorry Dad.

According to Deadline, Lex Luthor will be back, at least Michael Rosenbaum’s interpretation of him. That’s right, Lex will be returning for the finale of SMALLVILLE. So for those of you who wanted to see one final showdown between the big, blue one and the brainy, bald one (sorry for the alliteration), your time has come. It figures, SMALLVILLE is ending, Lex Luthor is Superman’s biggest enemy, why wouldn’t he return to where it all began. I hope this excites you SMALLVILLE and Michael Rosenbaum fans.

Now this news is very close to my heart. Pee Wee Herman is returning to HBO. His Broadway show, that my bastard of a roommate had the pleasure to see last year, will be airing on TV on March 19th. We had already heard this news last year, but we didn’t have an air date. Now we do and knowing that Pee Wee’s return is only a month away, makes me giddy like a 5 year old boy on Saturday morning. I can only hope this leads to Paul Reubens finally making that new Pee Wee film he’s been talking about.

JUSTIFIED returned to good numbers for its season premiere. The FX drama brought in 3.5 million viewers. Not bad for a cable premiere. So I think this means that JUSTIFIED comes back for a third season. Raylan Givens is probably the most bad ass character on television. I saw the season premiere and just seeing the way Timothy Olyphant holds the screen as this character is fun to watch. And I love that the villains of the show always seem to be super intelligent rednecks. Love it.

3Net launched this week on DirecTV. This is the first 3D channel to air. I guess they aired a number of 3D documentaries and they have said to expect original programming in the near future. I know 3D is here to stay, but why 3D television. I understand the exciting feeling of new technology entering your entertainment center, but the fact that you have to completely re-buy your system and that you still have to wear glasses does not entice me. I will not wear the glasses at home. I want a no-glasses system. I will accept wearing them in movie theaters, because its the only option, but I don’t find it relaxing to have to wear those damn things at home. I already wear another pair to see. The true 3D televisions are not far off. So I will wait. I will wait for five years if I must, but until those glasses die, I will not jump on this at home 3D wagon.

Now you may wonder why I haven’t mentioned all the pilots that are being picked up by different networks and the reason is because there are too many to mention. The real thing worth mentioning will be which programs actually get picked up past their initial order. And if one or two of those shows create a following, well that may be worth mentioning too. To be honest, most of the shows being announced haven’t piqued my interest much, but I will try and watch every single one of them so that I can share my opinion with you. And I know that excites you oh so much.

Well its time to start dinner, open a beer and watch some news. If you have any suggestions for me to watch this week, I’d appreciate the heads up. I need me some new shows to watch. Well, until next time, take care of each other.

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