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CBS Cancels $#*! and BUFFY (sorta) returns to TV

According to Deadline CBS has dropped the hammer down on 1st year shows, $#*! MY DAD SAYS, MAD LOVE, and THE DEFENDERS. It’s not all frowny faced emoticons though as the move frees up Tyler Labine to kill another TV show and lets William Shatner, Jason Biggs, and James Belushi return to their big time Hollywood movie careers.

Want to know a little bit more about these shows? Yes? Well that’s unfortunate, read on after the jump.

Wasn’t that exhausting? Right, back to it, $#*! was based on the off color ramblings of an old man as tweeted by his son and was a wacky laugh riot that poisoned your soul while MAD LOVE was sent back from the future by SKYNET to destroy us all.

THE DEFENDERS, which starred Belushi and the fat kid from STAND BY ME (last seen as dick chum in PIRANHA 3D) had debuted to moderately decent ratings for its time slot but ultimately met its end due to the fact that people just couldn’t accept Belushi outside of his ACCORDING TO JIM role. I’m sure thats what it was.

In other news Sarah Michelle Gellar is returning to network television in the fall with “Ringer” but it won’t be on CBS as had originally been planned. Instead the show will air in the land of OMG’s and whatever HELLCATS is, the CW which is an amalgamation of Gellar’s former homes UPN and the WB from the era of BUFFY which ran in the late 90’s and early aughts (Yes it has been that long). RINGER will reportedly feature Gellar in two roles, one a girl on the run from the mob, the other her wealthy twin sister who also has a bounty on their head. It sounds like a long lost episode of THE PATTY DUKE SHOW but with SMG in the lead it’ll get half a chance at mediocre ratings and on the CW that spells juggernaut.

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