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Trailer: animals talk (and sing) with Kevin James in ZOOKEEPER

Early this morning we got the beautiful teaser trailer for Steven Spielberg’s THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN, a gorgeous looking family film that knocked us on our asses. Now we have the trailer for the new Kevin James comedy ZOOKEEPER. God giveth and God taketh away.

ZOOKEEPER is basically DR. DOOLITTLE but, um, in a zoo. James’s character, Griffin, has to unleash his inner-animal in order to win his ex-girlfriend (Leslie Bibb). With help from the zoo’s talking inmates friendly population, James proves how much of a beast he can be. I’m sure it’s heartwarming and full of cute animals with funny voices.

I won’t see ZOOKEEPER but let me make a prediction here and now. I believe that Kevin James will fall for Rosario Dawson’s character instead of his ex-girlfriend. I’m guessing she accepts him for who he really is. See, now you don’t have to see ZOOKEEPER either.

ZOOKEEPER stars James, Bibb and Dawson and features the voices of Nick Nolte, Adam Sandler, Sylvester Stallone and Cher. It opens July 8. Thanks to Yahoo for the trailer.

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  • ValleyGuy72

    What is wrong with Brandon? Did he wake up with a porcupine up his arse? "The Zookeeper" looks like a cute, adorable and non-offensive family film. The wedding scene in the trailer looks hilarious. And the star studded cast? For me- Cher is the voice of a lioness and he inclusion has sealed my ticket purchase. I'd pay $20 to watch her cut grass. But I digress. Not every film needs to be so high brow or "artistic". Some films are gems because of their simplicties. That is their strength. I suggest Brandon go back to bed and get up on the right side.