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BLAIR WITCH director signs on for Bigfoot horror film EXISTS

THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT was released in 1999 and became a huge hit. Years before found footage films took off, BLAIR WITCH was trying something new and should be commended for the effort. Sadly, we didn’t see much else from the people involved (though I’m a fan of Joshua Leonard’s later work, including HUMP DAY).

BLAIR WITCH co-director Eduardo Sanchez is heading back to the woods with EXISTS, a horror film about Bigfoot. The movie will follow a group of young folks terrorized by the mythical beast in the forest. It’ll be a collaboration between Haxan Films and Amber Entertainment with the script coming from Sanchez and Jamie Nash.

It hasn’t been revealed if EXISTS will be another found footage film like last year’s PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2, TROLL HUNTER and the upcoming APOLLO 18. Of course we wouldn’t be surprised if it was considering BLAIR WITCH. Still, a traditional narrative about Bigfoot would be a lot of fun to watch. If it is found footage, they’ll want to show off the monster: Variety says that WETA Workshop and Spectral Motion are working with the film to create the beast. That’ll be one good looking Bigfoot.

Production on EXISTS is scheduled to start this October.

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