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Damon Lindelof is writing a secret sci-fi film for Disney

Damon Lindelof is having a great post-LOST career. While some from the show haven’t found their footing yet, Lindelof is taking Hollywood by storm. He helped write this summer’s COWBOYS & ALIENS, he penned Ridley Scott’s PROMETHEUS and he’s scripting STAR TREK 2.

Now he’s working with Disney on a top secret science fiction film that he’ll both produce and write. Even the sleuths at Deadline couldn’t get many details about the project, just a code name: 1952. We don’t know if that refers to the year or just a number. Hell, maybe it doesn’t refer to anything.

Deadline says 1952 is Disney’s attempt at a large family-friendly sci-fi flick. But it might not just be a film, apparently it has multiple platform possibilities (games, TV, comics?). This all came about when Lindelof sat down with Sean Bailey, Disney’s production president. Bailey must have liked what he heard because Lindelof is receiving seven figures for the deal.

The term “family friendly” doesn’t excite me but everything else about this news does. Lindelof, science fiction, large scale, multiple platforms, that all sounds groovy to me. I’ve enjoyed everything he’s been a part of so I’m happy for the guy’s success. I hope 1952 is worth the seven figures he’s been offered.

Much thanks to Deadline for the scoop.

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