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DEADPOOL movie will be “nasty” says Ryan Reynolds

Back in December DEADPOOL creator Rob Liefield caused a minor stir when he challenged Fox studios by Tweeting that “Deadpool is not Green Lantern, not a family film. DP is filthy”. Well it looks like his vision for a DEADPOOL film may be exactly what Ryan Reynolds and co have in mind.

MTV News (that’s the Snookie-free wing of the company) sat down with Reynolds during his GREEN LANTERN press tour while on break from filming I imagine four other films. Reynolds, who played Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool in WOLVERINE was more than willing to talk about the selection of visual effects wizard Tim Miller as Director and the type of movie DEADPOOL will be. The watchword is “nasty” kids.

Now while some may hear Reynolds say “the way we want to do it is pretty nasty, and pretty hard. You can’t exactly have a $200 million budget when you want to do a movie like this.” and shiver in fear that DEADPOOL will devolve into some kind of Cormanized mess of bent quips and obvious wire fighting maneuvers but it sure makes me smile.

We don’t need a version of DEADPOOL that is PG-13, benign, and toothless. Another comic book movie that sands down the sharp bits of an outright anti-hero and wraps him up in a focus group approved cloak of redeeming qualities. Wade Wilson is a scarred mercenary, ruthless, hilarious, outright insane, and nearly irredeemable. His depiction shouldn’t be robbed of those unique characteristics in the interest of a mega budget and Thor-esque profit expectations. DEADPOOL needs to be a movie for adults. A comic book adaptation and action film that for once recognizes the fact that adults are a large part of the reading and viewing audience.

Thats the movie Liefield wants and it’s the movie that the overbooked Reynolds apparently plans on making should he ever shake the restraints of Oa and find the time, because while his boundless enthusiasm has kept the project alive his busy schedule may ultimately kill it.

Wanna pick a fanboy word kerfuffle in the comments section over my opinion on the Merc with a Mouth? Lets tango, “Cash”.

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  • Brandon

    Maybe it’s time Reynolds stepped aside and let someone else have a go. I mean, he didn’t exactly do a stellar job in Wolverine and if he “can’t find the time” then maybe he’s not right for the role.
    There’s plenty of other actors out there who could pull it off.
    Why does it HAVE TO BE Reynolds?

    • james

      Well it doesn't HAVE to be, but really, why not? I don't get why people thought he was bad in origins. He played the character perfectly! (and really, what was there to mess up? a few lines, maybe one or two jokes total?) All he needs to do is allow himself to change just a little bit into more of a crazy character (I honestly like to think of Heath Ledger's amazing performance as the Joker whenever I think of the kind of crazy humor needed for the part, maybe a little more crude though).

    • Blair trimblett

      Reynolds did a great job for the short short time he was in the movie. The thing that was wrong with him is he got no time in the movie for people to really grow on deadpool. And when he comes back his mouth is covered and he has powers he never had in the comics. The reason reynolds is perfect is because he can do action movies and comedies and just makes a good fit, who else makes a good fit for DP? Not a lot of people. I wouldn’t be happy if it was anyone else. The movie will be awesome cuz it won’t be by FOX studios who ruins everything

    • Skyler

      I just wanna point out that wolverine: origins played more to deadpool than you think. If you watch the credits all the way thru, at the end it shows deadpool with his arm waking his severed head so he could open his mouth and go "ssshhhh" Did nobody really see that? Iv checked multiple places and not one person has even sniffed at mentioning it.. Sad. So for u all who think he's going to be a mute, but isn't.. That is why. Your welcome.

      • Emily

        Well, the only thing I’ve seen after the credits of Wolverine: Origins was the scene with Logan in Japan, so I’m guessing this is either A: A bad attempt at making an internet rumor or B: A very rare scene. Seeing as I can’t find ANY information of the scene, I’m leaning towards A, but could be wrong.

        • david.b

          Well I saw the ending of Wolverine:Origins, and it was the scene about Deadpool, as previously explained by Skyler. I can’t remember if that clip was in the theater, and just for the theater if it was, or it was added to the DVD, but this is my first time looking into the Deadpool movie when I came across this site, and it was that ending that got me into looking.

        • SirCidKnee

          I don’t know where you’ve been searching, Emily, but there definitely is enough information about it; just Google for “Deadpool survives Wolverine Origins” and “Wolverine Origins post credits scene”. This information has been around since the DVD came out, and it’s also on Wikipedia.

          Here’s a Youtube clip of this scene:

        • SirCidKnee

          I don’t know where you’ve been searching, Emily, but there definitely is enough information about it; just Google for “Deadpool survives Wolverine Origins” and “Wolverine Origins post credits scene”. This information has been around since the DVD came out, and it’s also on Wikipedia.

          Here’s a Youtube clip of this scene:

          The Japan scene is apparently an extra ending on a different version of the DVD.

    • Devin

      Okay, yes, Wolverine Origins sucked at portraying DP.
      yes, I died a bit when he shot lazers from his eyes.
      I also died further when he teleported, and when he swords came out of his knuckles.
      But get real, Reynolds didn’t make it that way. The writers did. The poor guy just made do with what he could, and he did it quite well, for a total bomb on Wadey.
      This movie will definitely be more accurate, especially since they’re aiming for Rated R. We haven’t seen Reynolds do an extremely dark role like Wade Wilson, so we can’t make any judgments about his performance as a more accurate DP.

      IF the movie comes out, and he just sucks as DP, and IF they decide to make a sequel, then sure, Reynolds can leave. But give the guy some faith here.

    • Julio

      he is the only fit for the character.

  • @jtabrys

    I think its the passion he's shown for the project. This is a fan of the books, the character, and someone who is tonally perfect for the character. I'm sure others could do a great job, after all they're actors but a fit like Reynolds as Deadpool hasn't come along since Downey as Iron Man.

    As for Wolverine, he was the best part of that movie by a landslide and any deficiencies in the performance can, I think be attributed to the horrific script that butchered among other things Wade Wilson's origin story and his "powers".

    • Aerliss

      Pft, Hugh Jackman nekkid was obviously the best part *cough*

      Yes, that movie was a poor, poor shadow of what it should and could have been, but it was not the actors' faults (well, maybe a little of Jackman's, it was partly his project). The main trio of Jackman, Schreiber and Reynold's did what they could with the material they had.

  • Anonymous

    Ryan Reynolds was hot in Wolverine even AFTER he turned into Deadpool. Well done sir. After Willem Dafoe and Mickey Rourke, Hollywood's paucity of sexy villains has been a cause for concern.

    • @jtabrys

      You get a "like" on that purely for the use of the word paucity in an online comment. I a not kidding.

      What makes a sexy villain? You mention Dafoe and Rourke who have less than classical facial features. Is it the confidence they exude? The charisma? Chris Walken could be on the list then perhaps, from way back though, from The Prophecy.

      I'd also point out that Chiwetel Ejiofor was a smooth, bad, bad man as the Operative in Serenity. "Do you know what your sin is?".

      With all, ALL of that being said though, Deadpool isn't really a villain, though he has been, he sort of toes the line.

    • Jared

      Ryan Reynolds didn't play as Deadpool. He played as Wade Wilson. The actor playing as Deadpool was Scott Adkins.

    • Devin

      I’d like to state that they’re makeover-ing Reynolds.. to be… you know, a walking scar..

      Wade Wilson was described as once handsome; his voice is said to be as well

      lets be honest, Reynolds is hot, and he’s got a “handsome” voice. He’s not as bad an actor as Matthew Mcconaughey (Would you rather he play it?) and, he’s had about 30 filmtime minutes more of experience than anyone else.

      And yeah, DP is an anti-hero. He was only a villain in New Mutants I think.

  • Aerliss

    I have a deep seated and completely unfair dislike of Deadpool. He stepped in to fill the gap when they ran out of Gambit stories for the "Wolverine & Gambit" publication in the UK. I'll never forgive him for that… even if there was no way they'd have bothered using the sparse back catalogue for Nightcrawler >_>

    It'll be nice to finally have a movie purely for the adult audience though.

    • nobody

      gambit sucked, Deadpool rules and he rules hard.

  • the dude

    Well, looks like his schedule has opened up. There won't be any more trips to Oa.

  • zamano

    deadpool is about as far away from "mature" as it gets sir. r rated yes but mature? i want deadpool AND cable personaly as that is where DP shined best but that wont happen. still renolds will get the humor right and thats all that matters in a DEADPOOL MOVIE. if another GL movie comes out beforehand i'll be disapoint.

  • Blair trimblett

    Deadpool has to be gruesome but mature and hilarious. He was great as wade Wilson but when they covered his mouth and gave him all different powers I was wildly dissapointed. This would be a great movie, with the “villain” be either Agent Zero, or most likely Taskmaster. As long as they don’t have any wolverine characters in it I’ll be happy, very excited for deadpool to have his own movie!

    • Rocky

      As much as I HATE to say it, if there’s going to be a “villain”, it’s gotta be T-Ray.

      God, I hate him, but he’s the only real villain that pervades the story…

      • nobody

        not true. There is Modoks son. and Dr Bong. And hey Dead pool could see anyone as a enemy really. I vote for Squirrel girl. Cable is def cool but there is too much story and super heroes for that. I just hope they stay away from the MAX series. Its kinda lame other than the occasional boob.

  • the dude

    the deadpool script is pretty awesome. funny shit. sick action scenes too.

  • Skyler

    Seriously tho.. Did nobody catch the bonus clip of deadpool after the credits..?? I stumbled on it by accident myself, but come on nobody else saw that??

  • MrDeadpool

    Is this first movie script actually the one their gonna do? Or is it like one they threw away and restarted?

  • elena

    You are all idiots. Anything Ryan does is good. Can't wait to see deadpool. LOSERS

    • DeadpooL

      yeap ryan is a pretty good actor in all his movies

  • shawn

    I can’t remember which comic it was but in a DP comic, after Mephisto tells him that he is a comic book character, he says the only two actors he feels could do him justice on the big screen would be Tom Cruise and Ryan Reynolds. TOM @%&$ CRUISE?! Give me a break. Reynolds all the way.

    • Rocky


      You must mean Loki….

  • hank

    funny that deadpool was turned into tom cruise after lokis curse and he even mentions himself in the comics that he looks like a cross between ryan reynolds and a shar pei

  • Pioneer

    I think the villain(s) should be either Taskmaster, Tigershark, or the Thunderbolts. Thanos would be a good challenge to pull off and there needs to be a Black Widow romance Also Ryan Reynolds is solid on with Deadpool’s characteristics.

  • Jjohnston

    Reynolds is the perfect actor for playimg DP! Who else is funny and physco enough to play him?! Cant wait!

  • Slic285

    Cant wait for DP the movie. Ryan R. Is the only person for this thing tho go “balls to the wall “if your gona do it.GL was a flop.made spider man look like a bad ass.DO NOT DO THE SAME TO DP.

  • Pothead

    If they do make a DP movie, they do need to make it rated R. Thts the only way the movie will be good… It’ll need graphic violence. And it really doesn’t matter who the actor is long as he’s plays a good DP.

  • DeadpooL

    it excellent that this movie is going ot be rated r because the only movies i think are like that from marvel are the punisher and blade so marvel needs it a r rated script.

  • Cristo

    I dont think that Deadpool should be rated-R. It may fit his character perfectly, but I’m pretty sure there are plenty of kids who wanted to see this movie. I for one do.Although by the time Reynolds has the time to make this movie, I’m pretty sure I’ll be 18. XD

    • Cristo’s_an_idiot

      Yeah. They should totally sacrifice the sanctity of the movie to allow minors to go see it ASAP…rather than making an amazing and timeless film that you can see and enjoy when you’re “old enough” (as determined by federal regulation) to decide upon your own viewing pleasures (independent of your parents apparently overly strict standards). If I missed out on a decapitation, a well placed “F” Bomb, or an irrevererent upper cut delivered to the face of a mother or child, so you can be deemed old enough to legally purchase a ticket at the box office with nothing but skinny jeans and a Bieber hair-do accompanying you, then I will have to commit my own atrocities against society and YOUR prepubescence will be to blame. Congratulations on another mother child..

  • pauly

    If you would like to see Reynolds in a “dark image”, check out the remake of Amityville Horror. He does an awesome job, as a twisted psycho in that movie. I agree, he was born to play the role of Deadpool.

  • bobby

    Hopefully have taskmaster as the villain played by tom hardy, imagine reynolds and hardy f-ing each other up, twould be awesome, would love to see bob or weasel too!

    • Why

      Yeh, I would also like to see taskmaster as a villain in the movie, however I don’t mind if Hardy doesn’t play it (not that I’m implying he wouldn’t be good)

  • Rachael

    Oh man! Awesome! I love Deadpool, I think Ryan is perfect for the part, the problem was Origins…that wasn’t Ryan’s fault that was poor script writing. The character wasn’t even really deadpool…otherwise he’d have cancer all over his face and body. That was just…I don’t know what they did in the movie…LoL

  • Adam

    Thank you for the great review! I just added Green Lantern to my Blockbuster Movie Pass rental queue. I have never been a big DC fan but I would like to watch this movie with an open mind. I have been reading reviews to kill some time today. Personally, my only issue with the film before viewing is Ryan Renolds. Don’t get me wrong. I have thought he was funny since “2 Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place” was on TV. My issue is the amount of super heroes one actor should be allowed to play. Come on, he was Hannibal King in “Blade Trinity”, he was Deadpool in the “Wolverine”, of course there’s the Green Lantern. Renolds is even slated to reprise his Deadpool role in a spinoff movie. I would be a little less critical if he stuck with making Marvel movies but I think someone, anyone else should be given the chance to be a super hero. I will have to watch the movie to see what I think. In the end that’s why I got the Blockbuster Movie Pass, it keeps me from buying movies only to be disappointed. As a DISH Network subscriber/employee, I already knew the value of their TV service. The Blockbuster Movie Pass service with streaming to my TV/Computer and DVD, blu-ray, and video game rentals is only $10 per month. That saves me so much by being able to send bad movies and games back. As long as we are on the topic, is the Green Lantern video game any good?

    • Travis

      As a Marvel fan I must say that the idea of a Deadpool movie intrigues me at the least. I love Deadpool for his ability to break fourth wall and his split personality arguments with himself. “Origins” disappointed with the powers they gave Wade. It was a huge offset from the original character. However, none of this was Reynolds’ fault. He was picked for the role because he has claimed on many occasions to be an avid comic book fan. He also was picked due to his personality of character style. That being said, as long as they give him the classic interpretation of Deadpool to use, this should be, at the very least, a descent movie. The character may be hard to nail down but I’m sure that Ryan can do it well enough.
      As for the movie style, it would need to be Rated R. I say this because of the dialogue people have come to expect from a character such as Deadpool. He says many profanities, often to himself, on almost every page of the comic I read.
      In all, I love the idea of a Deadpool movie and I personally look forward to seeing what ideas they submit.

  • thatoneguy

    I think Reynolds can pull it off pretty well. Also, I think a great villain would be Taskmaster, Cable, or maybe the Skrull. I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t agree on me about that last one, but yeah.

  • oliver

    if deadpool is a smart ass we’ll be just fine

  • deadpool69

    I agree with most of the comments. I liked Green Lantern and Reynolds portrayal of Hal Jordan… He did a great job with his script as the sword sharpening Wilson wisecracking Creed. But in the case Mr Reynolds has to fight Sinestro there are others that can fill the gap such as : Jason Statham for example in crank

  • Sophie

    I think Ryan’s portrayal of Wade Wilson was pretty accurate. I would, however, had preferred it if he was more snappy with his remarks. Don’t get me wrong, what he did say was amusing and kind of in character, but I think Deadpool’s more chatty than that. The script writers really screwed him up at the end though, getting all of DP’s characteristics wrong, but I would like to see Ryan take on the role properly, as DP should be! Here’s to hoping that they bring out a movie worthy of DP’s insanity!

  • Michael Colon

    Rynolds is great for these kinda roles the synical, scarcastic, unstable guy. Just look at his protrayal
    Of Hannibal in Blade trinity. Origins screwed
    Up big time in they’re interputation of deadpool but if this guys get to make the movie the way they are saying it would be alot more accurate… An rynolds can play sadistic he was pretty convincing in amityville

  • Wes

    I cannot wait to see this movie, it’s gonna be sic! Deadpool kicks ass and yeah I agree that Ryan Reynolds is perfect for the part. He did a bang up job in Wolverine Origins and he is Canadian eh. Being Canadian really makes him even more fit for the part of Deadpool.

  • Nick M.

    Reynolds is a great choice for a Deadpool film for obvious reasons. I’ve been a big fan of Deadpool since ’97 (sheep gun!) but never would I believe for a second a Hollywood adaption could come to fruition or be even hopelessly faithful to the source material. Comic book fans should be skeptical of a full-fledged Deadpool feature but I’ve picked up good things from Reynolds over the years reading if this is happening or not: he wants to do it, he wants to do it right, and he hasn’t let it go. At least not yet. His Hollywood leverage to make this film happen betters the dynamics of having this made and made well for you and I.

    I know American culture is celebrity-centric but Reynolds is the furthest thing from how a Deadpool film pans out and this is why I’ve never believed this could happen. The film, if faithful, has to go for an R which immediately collapses the floor beneath it, meaning a slashed budget and timid studio investment. What studio wants to pour money in a comic book film with no lucrative merchandise tie-ins? They care a lot less about you and me who pay $10 to see the film than the parents who spend $50 on toys for the kids. Deadpool is selfish, looks hideous, kills, and does just about anything for a paycheck.

    We may be big fans but people at large wouldn’t get it. Then again, if Reynolds can sell it without the script or producers compromising too much, it can work. Maybe. So root for Reynolds, he’s probably the only wild card that can make Deadpool succeed on the big screen.

  • willverinecollectibles

    DeadPool has to be rated R! Movies Never follow the comics exactly..thats why they are movies in the first place, to give people who normally wouldnt read the books an opportunity to be entertained and form an opinion. Comics are back ! yeah some of the movies are not great and the stories dont match up perfect but more people than ever are becoming fans, that is the exciting thing to me !! Deadpool is by far one of the best and complex comic book stars ever! i think Reynolds will nail the role as long as the driector and producers let it get dark and funny !! either way its great that Comics are back!!!!!