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ENTOURAGE interested in Weiner

A good sausagefest could  do with one more Weiner, I always say. Actually, I don’t know that I’ve ever said that; generally, the phrases “sausagefest” and “wiener” do not enter my vernacular.  Lately, though, oh man, it’s like I can’t stop. Just when I thought the Weiner Saga was over, it popped right back up again (Bahahahaha). Only one day after now-disgraced, former Congressman Anthony Weiner announced his resignation, HBO made him an offer I hope he refuses. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Weiner has been offered a guest spot on ENTOURAGE, as himself.

HBO's ENTOURAGE, now in its 8th season, is trying to get its hands on Weiner

The general essence and themes of ENTOURAGE do not bode well as a saving grace for Weiner.  I have a hard time imagining his cameo being anything more than a mockery, and it’s too soon for that. The man cannot possibly have very much dignity left and immediate  self-deprecation is not the quickest path toward restoring that dignity. No matter how hard-up Weiner is (Bahahahahaha, oh man) to right this situation, he can’t be that desperate.

Surprisingly, though, the ENTOURAGE offer was not the most degrading offer presented to Weiner. HUSTLER founder Larry Flynt has also propositioned Weiner (Bahahahahahahaha, seriously folks, I’ll be here all week).  Flynt has offered Weiner a job in their internet group, presumably because he shows so much raw talent with the use of naughty pictures and the internet.  Though the position may be less comfortable for Weiner than a cameo on ENTOURAGE,  Flynt has done a bangup job of articulating the social importance of HUSTLER.

“Our key missions have consistently included the crucial fight of battling hypocrisy within the federal and state governments. Flynt Management Group, LLC and Hustler Magazine have been dedicated to decades of serious political commentary.”

I must have missed the delicate, political  subtext of HUSTLER over the last few years. Indeed, at one point in time, Flynt fought a brilliant fight for freedom of speech and expression; he firmly believed HUSTLER had an important place in the annals of society. This battle was won quite some time ago, though, save for the occasional tantrum thrown by a lobbyist or GOP House Member. None of the battles since Hustler Magazine v. Falwell (yes, that Falwell) in 1988 have been groundbreaking or monumentous.  Call me narrow minded, but generally I associate HUSTLER with several “p” words, but “politics” is not one of them.

It’s extremely doubtful Weiner will take either of these offers and he has yet to give comment. I imagine if he was going to give a comment, though, it might be something along the lines of, ” You’re kidding right?”

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  • Greg Johnston

    Flynt is making the point that Wiener has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, as he did nothing wrong, and that the political system in this country is full of self-righteous hypocrites like you. You're enjoying joking about this, and confidently playing the role of almighty judge and jury.. but WHO ARE YOU? Thank GOD for people like Flynt who stand up and fight against the judgmental majority in this country.

  • Dev Elizabeth Richards

    No judgement here. I said nothing negative about Weiner's actions, and am merely mocking the media's reaction to them. It sounds like you have some pretty strong defense issues in regards to this whole thing.