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Best News Ever: Don Cheadle is Captain Planet!

Thank God for Funny or Die. If it weren’t for their hilarious shorts featuring big stars doing silly things I don’t know how the internet would go on.

Today, Funny or Die gave us a glimpse of what CAPTAIN PLANET would be like if it starred Oscar nominee Don Cheadle. You know what, Cheadle can pull it off! Although, I’m not sure many fans would be happy with the liberties taken here. But let’s be honest, Captain Planet did always seem like a dick, right? Besides, those polluters deserve it! And so does that man on the street! And that baby!

As we reported last month, a real CAPTAIN PLANET movie is in the works. Maybe this will give producers the right idea and we’ll see Cheadle don the suit for the big screen. Somehow I doubt it. It seems like he uses the word “fuck” a few too many times.

Don Cheadle is Captain Planet from Don Cheadle
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