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THE GEEK BUCKET LIST: 100 Geektastic Things to Do Before You Kick


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  • Kairo

    Really? Nothing from Evil Dead? Like “Replace hand with chainsaw” or “Begin a speech with ‘Listen up, you primitive screwheads…”

  • Dev Richards

    Snap! Nice additions! I often refer to things as “My boom stick.”

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  • Benji

    What about “run the trench on the Death Star”

  • Brad

    someone has a boner for Joss Whedon

    • Dev Richards

      That’s offensive to those of us who can’t physically get boners for Whedon.

  • Jason Tabrys

    Brad, I have a brain boner for Joss Whedon, I admit that freely.

    That said, dammit and other assorted curse words about the Evil Dead omission, as well as the X-Files omission, perhaps another list will come in the future.

  • Ella

    Some awesome entries here, but what are The Breakfast Club and Hunter S. Thompson doing on this list???

  • Jason Tabrys

    I have a broad definition of geek. Film geeks adore Breakfast Club, literary geeks love Hunter S.

  • Louray

    Add Arthur C. Clarke to 15 and 16.
    Be Hunter S. Thompson, party with John Lennon, Keith Richards and Harry Nilsson – – and possibly Johnny Depp – – and survive the ride.
    Cancel Serenity 2 in exchange for green light for Seasons 2-7 of Firefly.
    Toast that decision in Mudder’s Milk.

    • Jason Tabrys

      I accept your Firefly S2-S7 in place of Serenity 2 and add 5 seasons of a Jayne spinoff as well

  • Rob

    Darn! 99 down.
    All I am is a moncle and one persian cat away from being a Bond villian.

    And then . . . . bwu-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha ! ! !
    Its E.L.E time baby.

    P.S. That’s ‘Evil League of Evil’

    P.P.S. Not Extinction ‘Level Event’.

    P.P.P.S. Not that “Deep Impact” wasn’t a good movie.

    P.P.P.P.S. But when I heard Téa Leoni was in the movie, I thought they meant Tia Carrere. I’m always getting the two of them confused. Not that anyone could possibly confuse the two of them, I mean “Ballroom Blitz” alone divides them on opposite sides of El Canyano Grande. Not that Téa isn’t a fine actress in. her own right. Oh, and yes, very hot in “Switch”.

    P.P.P.P.P.S. Getting back on message, one more for a perfect score.

    P.P.P.P.P.P.S. (and definitely see “Deep Impact”, much better than Bruce in “Armageddon”)

    • Jason Tabrys

      “Thread” hi-jacker!

  • Louray

    Jayne spinoff accepted. Where do we send the green lights? (Augh, fan stunts, so horrible)

    101. Let Bad Horse make me his mare.

  • Jane

    Number 38a Renew Eureka forever, too…

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  • xairepx

    Portal gun!

  • JediJaz

    Portal gun indeed! And distract vampires with sunflower seeds (before staking). A hologram in Sam Beckett’s past? …A day in Battle School? Surf the atlantic current with sea turtles? Too much to do, there is.

  • Deric

    How did “Clarissa Explains it All” make it on this bucket list, but nothing from X-files, TMNT, BMFM, Red Planet, etc…. The Geek Bucket List should be geeky right? Clarissa is more like 90’s bubble gum tween pop?!? I vote for #91: Thrash on a Hoverboard!

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