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Director Patty Jenkins Leaves THOR 2

Kenneth Branagh? No. Brian Kirk? Nope, sorry. Patty Jenkins? Apparently not.

THOR 2 is, once again, without a director. Patty Jenkins, the woman best known for MONSTER and the pilot of THE KILLING, has exited the picture due to creative differences. Jenkins signed on to direct the Marvel sequel back in September. Of course, the original THOR was directed by Branagh who decided not to return for the follow-up. Marvel was in negotiations with GAME OF THRONES director Brian Kirk for awhile but he was quickly replaced by Jenkins and now she’s leaving. Dang, I was looking forward to a superhero film directed by a woman.

It’s not all bad news for Jenkins though. Deadline suggests she still has a future with Marvel. From the story: “the feeling is that she’ll probably end up working on one of these superhero films, but perhaps not on a sequel.” At least everyone is still on good terms, right?

So now Marvel is on the hunt for a new director. THOR 2 is scheduled to open on November 15, 2013 so they’ll have to find a replacement quickly. Before Jenkins, Marvel also considered Drew Goddard, James McTeigue, Noam Murro and Breck Eisner so you can bet those guys will be getting phone calls soon.

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