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Jack is Coming Back! 24 Movie Might Start Filming in Spring 2012

When Fox’s 24 finished its primetime run, fans were promised Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) would return in a full-length film. It made sense, Bauer would be a great big screen hero. Plus, he’d finally be able to curse (though hearing Sutherland yell “Dammit!” sure is funny)

The project had some starts and stops and it seemed like it might never be made. According to Deadline, things are turning around. The site is reporting that Mark Bomback is finishing a script and will deliver it by year’s end. The plan is to shoot the film in April when Sutherland’s availability clears up. Brian Grazer is producing and it seems that Tony Scott – who was the rumored director –  is no longer attached. No Scott? No problem, Deadline says that Imagine has five directors in mind. That’s an awfully specific number, I wonder who they’re courting.

Any 24 fans out there? Are you excited for the movie or have you put the series behind you?

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  • Fröken Sverige

    I do really hope 24 is comingback!!!SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!

  • renee

    It has to come back….It left Jack running off to who knows where. If it didnt come back so many people would be disappointed. I watched all the seasons twice. That’s how good 24 was too me. Can’t wait.