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BEST NEWS EVER: Choose Your Own Adventure In The New HAYWIRE Spoof Videos

Do y’all remember how fun those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books were when you read them as a kid? Well, maybe I’m showing my age here but I do and clearly someone else does too. In order to promote HAYWIRE, which hits theaters tomorrow, a new and interactive video featuring YouTube’s hottest young stars has debuted.

In this hilarious spoof, watch Olga Kay go HAYWIRE to defeat her adversaries – “three sorry losers” Toby Turner, Joe Nation and Michael Gallagher aka Totally Sketch – who recently “betrayed her, chewed her up, and sold her out.” Trained and guided by HAYWIRE’s own Aaron Cohen (the hottie who served as technical advisor on the film), Olga must seek revenge on those who have wronged her.

YOU choose Olga Kay’s path to redemption in this humorous, smart and totally fun interactive video. I seriously can’t stop laughing at “I’m built like a murder tank!” line from the TOBUSCUS VS. OLGA KAY video. Check the main video below and it will link you to whatever hijinks you want to see ensue. Feel free to share your thoughts on these videos below and be sure to enter our HAYWIRE contest!

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