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Blu-ray Review: SID & NANCY (Collector’s Edition)

 No ratings info, but safe to say this is Rated R.
Studio: MGM
MSRP: $24.99, but Amazon has it for $17.99
Running Time: 113 minutes

What’s Going On?

There are a lot of names that come up when the conversation is about great talent wasted and potential never achieved. High on that list is no doubt the name Sid Vicious. This is the story about his tumultuous life with his girlfriend and manager Nancy Spungen, who was one day stabbed to death and Sid was charged with her murder. Clouded in a heroin stupor, Sid was never sure if he actually did it or not.

Who’s In It:

Gary Oldman, and for those who’ve seen him in his more recent roles and have never seen this film are in for a major treat. Gary gets into this character like I’ve never seen him do before and it was a genuine treat to see such tragedy played out by this great actor.

If You Like…:

Gary Oldman, punk rock, tragic love stories, or tragic stories in general. This film is full of people who are caught in a disastrous whirlwind of drugs, alcohol, sex and physical abuse.

Special Features:

For the Love of Punk: Several interview subjects discuss the music movement depicted in the film.

Junk Love: Interviews with people discussing Sid and Nancy and offering several different perspectives on them.

Theatrical Trailer


The Technical Gist:

Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Original aspect ratio: 1.85:1

Shot by one of the best cinematographers in the industry Roger Deakins, this is a great looking film, and the Blu-ray is equally fantastic.

English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1

A good, not a great audio presentation. The music portions do sound great however, some of the quieter scenes could have benefitted from a little more volume at times.

The Verdict

A really fantastic film about a very tragic story. Punk rock may not be your thing, but in much the same way a non-sports fan can appreciate a sports documentary, this is a film worth seeing and should be appreciated. Gary Oldman fans NEED to have this on their shelf. BUY IT


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