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Christopher Plummer presents the case against Terrence Malick

To be authentic is the rarest of things but at 82 years old, Christopher Plummer need not be anything less than. Appearing on a roundtable discussion with a group of this years Oscar nominees, Plummer, who was simply splendid in the equally wonderful BEGINNERS, spoke at length about the creatively frustrating experience he had working with visual master and noted perfectionist Terrence Malick, who is also nominated for an Oscar for his direction on TREE OF LIFE.

“He’s quite an extraordinary guy, and I loved some of his movies very much, but the problem with Terry, which I soon found… out, is that he needs a writer, desperately, because he insists on doing everything, which we all know. He insists on writing, and overwriting, and overwriting, until it sounds terribly pretentious. You have to work terribly hard to make it sound real, and then he edits his film in such a way that he cuts everyone out of them” -Christopher Plummer

Plummer, who worked with Malick on THE NEW WORLD, went on to talk about Adrian Brody’s excision from the final cut of THE THIN RED LINE, a film that also featured George Clooney, who was more than eager to echo Plummer’s estimation of Malick and his process during the discussion.

To hear more about what Plummer had to say about Malick, and to hear him do a more than passable impression of Colin Ferrell check out the video below of the Daily Beast roundtable.

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