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Kevin Smith’s Final Project, HIT SOMEBODY, Will Be One Long Movie

Kevin Smith has said that his next production, HIT SOMEBODY, will be his last project. A hockey epic based on the popular song by Warren Zevon, Smith planned to make it as two films, pleasing fans who are upset that he’s retiring.

It seems Smith is changing his tune slightly. Taking to Twitter, the director opened up about the film(s) and the projected premiere date.

Here’s how it started:

Via @pezwright “when do you start shooting Hit Somebody?” June, I’m thinking. Writing script two, but now gonna make one big movie instead.

So now it’s just one movie again. Hm. That opened the floodgates. Smith revealed more, including the runtime and plans to premiere it at Sundance:

Via @VideoETA “Any guess as to TRT of the big version of HIT SOMEBODY? 150 minutes?” Max, w/ credits. I’m more of an editor than director…

VIa @sonic43 “back to 1 big movie with Hit Somebody. I prefer it” Makes more sense, anyway: the movie’s about taking one, good shot.

Via @pezwright “Damn, was looking forward to the two parter. I assume a 2013 release then?” Looking to debut at Sundance 2013. Minus Phelps.

So there you have it. One big, long movie to end Smith’s Hollywood career. I must say, 150 minutes is awfully long for a comedy but I guess Smith has his heart set on lots and lots of hockey.

As for Smith actually retiring, I don’t know about that. While the man could keep busy with his myriad podcasts and other side projects, I’m not sure the man keep away from a camera. Like Jay-Z, Michael Jordan and Cher, this retirement might be temporary.

If he changes his mind, I’m sure he’ll tweet about it.

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