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Odds & Ends: Will Smith, BATTLE ROYALE Blu-ray, Netflix and More

Odds & Ends: all the news we somehow missed. Hey, nobody’s perfect! Follow the links for the whole story.

Will Smith is set to host the 25th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards on March 31st. Is this an effort to get the children excited for MEN IN BLACK 3 or SEVEN POUNDS PART 2? [E!

MAD MEN is coming back! Yes! Finally! I hope you don’t have anything scheduled for Sunday, March 25…aside from planning your Kids’ Choice Awards party. [Cinema Blend]

BATTLE ROYALE, the film that proved all children are violent, relentless sociopaths, is making its way to Blu-ray after all these years. [Destroy The Brain]

Netflix and Warner Bros are having issues. You’ll now have to wait a whopping 56 days before renting a WB new release. What gives? [/Film]

Robert Rodat (SAVING PRIVATE RYAN) is going to do a rewrite on Marvel’s THOR 2. For research, the scribe has grown his hair out and has been hitting stuff with a hammer. [Deadline]

Cameron Crowe can’t get enough of that Jonsi! After working together on WE BOUGHT A ZOO, the Sigur Rós singer will be doing the music for Crowe’s next film too! Asked how he felt about their new project, Jonsi said, “heeeeeeeeeee hooooooo  heeee hibpi eyrum paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” [The Playlist]

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