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Super Bowl Ad Round-Up: Are You Ready For A Few Game Day Commercial Appeteasers?

By now you’ve seen the Matthew Broderick’s Day Off Honda CR-V commercial. But have you seen some of the other leaked Super Bowl ads? It seems as if most companies are leaking their ads early this year to have a viral hit like VW had last years with their Star Wars themed ad last year.

And this year is no different with their adorable “Bark Side” ad.

It would seem that pooches reign supreme during the game day commercial breaks. Sketchers has released a teaser for their shoes starring Mr. Quigly, a swishy-faced French Bulldog wearing some fantastic kicks. And let me just say that Mr. Quigly is a far more attractive spokesperson (and less controversial one) than Kim Kardashian.

Not to be outdone, Suzuki has their own original ad that also features a few sweet canines.

Doritos has a huge stake in Game Day advertizing with their “CrashThe Super Bowl” Contest they hold every year. While we don’t know who the winner is yet (and voting has closed), “Sling Baby” is one of our favorites and makes us crave eating a whole bag immediately.

Pepsi has all but released an electronic press kit for their game day ad that features Elton John.

And apparently Pepsi Max and Pepsi will have two different ads that will play. Here is Pepsi Max’s spot featuring Regis Philbin and Beth Littleford (CRAZY STUPID LOVE).

Chevy has also released their unembedable ad. And Lexus has some sort of caged beast commercial that will run. While not nearly as funny as the Chevy ad (let’s face it: old rich people apparently have no humor), it reminds us a little of JURRASIC PARK and GODZILLA.

Audi has a TWILIGHT themed ad that’s actually pretty great. You just can’t go wrong with Echo & the Bunnymen’s “Killing Moon.”

While most football game ads tend to skew towards straight men, there is FINALLY something for the ladies (and gay men). There will be this gloriousness!

Besides the JOHN CARTER ad, we haven’t even begun to see what the rest of Hollywood will offer us. Well, there’s still a few more days left which is plenty of time for studios to get competitive and release their offerings a bit early.

**UPDATE** Marvel’s released this teaser for their AVENGERS ad during the game.

***UPDATE*** Paramount has just released their Super Bowl ad for Sacha Baron Cohen’s THE DICTATOR.

My goodness! With all these “appeteasers”, will there be anything left for the main course?! Will there be any surprises left on Super Bowl Sunday?! What are your thoughts? Do you like what you’ve been treated to so far? Tune into the game on Sunday to see the ads you’ll be talking about on Monday morning!

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  • Erin

    I’m one of those people who watches the big game for the commercials.

    I saw the Seinfeld/Leno Acura ad last night and thought it was better than the Broderick Honda ad. And I HATE Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno.

    I’m excited for the VW commercial. I liked last year’s Beetle spot better than the Star Wars/Passat one.