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The Million Vote Drive with DORITOS Crash The Super Bowl

Last month we told you about the incredibly awesome contest that DORITOS was hosting
called Crash The Super Bowl, where anyone could create their own commercial for a
chance to win some serious cash and work with some fantastic Hollywood dudes. DORITOS
has come back to us and asked us to help get some votes for the best video because, let’s
face it, our readers are incredible and they trust your opinions. So what we need for each
and every one of you to do is jump over and go vote for some videos! Be part of something
special and brag about how your vote swayed the contest.

Contest Description:
This time around, DORITOS is airing two fan-created commercials during the Super Bowl
on February 5th. One of those ads will be chosen through consumer voting – that’s where
you come in. The DORITOS team has already watched every single commercial that was
submitted and chosen the top-5 finalist ads. Now, the creators of these 5 finalist ads will go
head-to-head against each other for the chance to have their commercial aired during the
Super Bowl and have millions of people see their work.

We need our fans to help vote for their favorite fan-made DORITOS ad from among these
five finalist ads. So vote here:

Vote and Win Prizes:
And if that’s not enough, this year, DORITOS is taking it up a notch – they’re giving away
a maximum of $100,000 in cold hard cash to fans who vote. DORITOS has set their sights
on getting a total of 1 million votes by the end of January. Every time the total number of
votes across all of the voting platforms increases by 100,000, they will award one lucky fan
with a $10,000 cash prize. DORITOS is calling it The Million Vote Drive, and the more fans
vote at, through their smart phones and via Xbox LIVE, the more
chances there are to win.

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