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 Rated R Let’s put it this way, there are gunshots and naked nuns in almost every scene of this movie.
Studio: Image Entertainment
MSRP: $29.97, but Amazon has it for $24.99.
Running Time: 90 minutes

What’s Going On?

You mean besides there being naked nuns with lots of large firearms? Well if you really need to know; When a group of priests begin dealing heroin, everything is going according to plan. That is until they decide to fuck with the wrong nun. Shot and left for dead after a drug deal gone array, Sister Sarah decides to embark on a mission from God to eliminate all those who have sinned against her.

If You Like…:

Boobs and guns. There’s not a lot else going on here. There’s also Mexican gangsters, prostitutes and lots of drugs. Not that any of that should surprise you.

Special Features:

  • Short Film: An idea like this has to come from somewhere right? This is the short film that inspired the feature.
  • Trailer: If you consider that a special feature.

The Technical Gist

It fancies itself a “grind house” film and it’s got the visual style to back it up. A highly yellow contrast with some delicate scratching effects didn’t make for the sharpest looking film, but that’s entirely intentional.

The Verdict

I may hav e seemed overly cynical in talking about this earlier, but it was a fun film and I had fun with it. It’s very obvious that director Joseph Guzman and writer Robert James Hayes III are huge fans of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. That’s not a bad thing in any way, but it’s not the most original film, and it’s definitely silly. It’s kind of pricey so if you’re able to QUEUE IT, that’d be the way I recommend seeing this film.


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