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Rating: Rated R for violence and language including some sexual references
Studio: Anchor Bay
MSRP: $29.99, but Amazon has it for $19.99.
Running Time: 105 minutes

What’s Going On?

Someone is killing young girls in the bayous of Texas and dumping their bodies in an area known as The Killing Fields. Local homicide detective in on the case after a familiar local girl goes missing.

Who’s In It:

Sam Worthington, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chloë Grace Moretz,, Jessica Chastain comprise the main cast. Jessica Chastain in particular is name to remember. She had a hell of a 2011 and is gearing up for a big year in 2012.

If You Like…:

Gritty murder dramas. The performances are better than your average direct-to-video releases as well. There’s a lot to like in this film despite the very dark tone.

Special Features:

There’s a trailer and an audio commentary with the director Ami Canaan Mann and writer Donald F. Ferrarone. I would have hoped for more since it looked like an involved production in a humid area of Texas.

The Technical Gist

The video is presented in 2.40:1 and the sound in a Dolby TrueHD 7.1 track. The film has a gritty look to it, and any dullness is intentional and done very well.

The Verdict

It’s a good film with a good cast, but overall worth a QUEUE since it’s not available at a great price. If it ever ends up in a sub-$10 bin, then it’ll definitely be worth it then.


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