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First Image From M. Night’s AFTER EARTH Reveals Jaden Smith’s Futuristic Outfit

Jaden Smith may look more and more like his dad everyday but Will Smith never wore a slick costume like this one.

That image above is our first picture from M. Night Shyamalan’s AFTER EARTH, the futuristic father-son drama that is sure to disappoint audiences in 2013. In the film, Jaden plays “a young boy who navigates an abandoned and sometimes scary Earth to save himself and his estranged father (Will Smith) after their ship crashes.” The movie is filming all over but primarily in Costa Rica.

So how about that costume? It might look silly to us but it’s probably very practical to his people. I’m sure that odd design serves a purpose. Or maybe Jaden is just a future-nerd and dresses like an idiot.

It’s bizarre to see such buzz building around AFTER EARTH. True, it stars Will and Jaden Smith but it’s also an M. Night film. The guy hasn’t delivered in ages. In fact, his films are getting progressively worse. Either this will be the film that brings the Smiths down or it will be M. Night’s rebound. What do you expect?

AFTER EARTH opens June 7, 2013. Thanks to Coming Soon for the photo.

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