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Our Heroes Are Ready To Fight In New Poster For THE AVENGERS

It’s okay to say you’re excited for a movie even if you haven’t been fond of its advertising campaign. Case in point: THE AVENGERS. While practically everyone wants to see the film, not many have fallen in love with the promotional material.

This new poster will gain some more complaints but, let’s be honest, we’re still buying a ticket on day one. You’ve got all the main characters striking their heroic poses while in the background chaos falls from the sky. As usual, everyone has an ultra-serious look on their faces. It makes sense, they are trying to save the world after all. But honestly, it looks like Captain America isn’t even paying attention.

While the posters and stills for THE AVENGERS haven’t blown anyone away, many have liked the trailers. Good news, there’s a new one coming out tomorrow. So even fi you aren’t amazed by this latest one-sheet, tomorrow’s preview will probably wipe the bad taste from your mouth.

THE AVENGERS opens May 4th.

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