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PROMETHEUS Viral Marketing Gives Us A TED Talk From 2023

Good viral marketing can help create a whole other world for the viewer. It can fill in the blanks and make a movie’s universe come to life. This viral marketing for Ridley Scott’s PROMETHEUS is damn, damn fine.

The video below is a clip from a TED talk in 2023. As you might know, the TED Conference is an annual meeting point for great minds behind technology, entertainment and design. According to the clip, Weyland Corporation president Peter Weyland (played by Guy Pearce) has some pretty novel ideas and theories about mankind’s power and the future of  the human race. As you can imagine, Weyland’s opinions on the matter will create dire consequences for the characters of PROMETHEUS.

The clip below is allegedly written by PROMETHEUS screenwriter Damon Lindelof and directed by Scott’s son, Luke. It’s a great video, giving us a little but not too much. Does it set to the tone for the whole film? Does it emphasize some of the themes? Or is it just a really inventive way of illuminating the world of PROMETHEUS? Doesn’t matter, it’s great.

There’s a link listed at the end of the clip that leads to The site doesn’t have much yet but you can bet there will be more viral marketing before the film’s June 8th release.

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