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THE WIZARD OF OZ Thrown in the Metaphorical Vault Until 2013

As evidenced by the vehement arguments against George Lucas and his habit of incessantly releasing his beloved STAR WARS saga again and again on whatever format is currently popular, the public is not  afan of the metaphorical “vault” that swallows so many cherished films. Disney is another studio/company that often places its films under moratorium.

The latest to be locked up in the so-called vault is Warner Bros.’ iconic THE WIZARD OF OZ, reports Victor Fleming’s film underwent an extensive restoration for a special 2004 DVD release and then was spruced up in late 2009 for its Blu-ray debut. Now, Warner Home Entertainment is placing it under moratorium until 2013. Unsurprisingly, it is in preparation for an ensuing 75th Anniversary set to be released in 2014. Warner Home Entertainment’s EVP promises that the new sets to be released in 2014 will have “new and restored” transfers and will include “90% – 95% consumer awareness, [including] a kickoff event consistent with only a handful of titles that are considered the crown jewels of our WB library.”

Ready to pony up another $80 for the seminal classic? With all the re-releasing going, you would think that maybe the Wizard would have something to do with it…

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