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TRAILER: A Glimpse At Stiller, Hill and Vaughn In NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH

Sometimes you just want to hear Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill verbally harass a young child. Sometimes that’s all you need.

The first teaser trailer for NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH has popped online. For many, it’ll be a welcome laugh. For others, it’ll be a tired bore. We don’t see much in the teaser but we definitely get the feeling that the movie will rely on some of the usual shtick from Stiller, Hill and co-star Vince Vaughn. It’s been awhile since any of them were in a laugh-out-loud hilarious comedy but I’ve got some faith in NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH, mostly because of the casting of Richard Ayoade (THE IT CROWD) and the direction of Akiva Schaffer, one of the guys behind comedy troupe The Lonely Island. Put all these elements together and you’ve got hilarious soup…hopefully.

The plot follow a group of suburban guys who start a neighborhood watch group. Their simple little group soon faces trouble when they discvoer a villainous plot to destroy the world. Uh oh.

It’s a short teaser. Give us your thoughts below. NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH opens July 27th. Thanks to The Sun/IMDb for the trailer. The poster above is courtesy of Collider.

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