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TRAILER: Jeremy Renner kicks ass in THE BOURNE LEGACY

The new trailer for THE BOURNE LEGACY has found its way into our inbox this morning and we are pleased as punch to show it to you. If there was any doubt left in haters’ minds about Matt Damon passing the torch to Jeremy Renner, please show them this.

Universal has cut together perhaps one of the best trailers we’ve seen in quite some time. And our hats are off to them as they really thought about the origins of spy stories and how to modernize it, making it fresh for today’s savvy audiences. This trailer starts out in classic Saul Bass like fashion with bits and pieces of information coming together to form a whole picture. And once that whole picture is formed, there’s a lot of ass kickin’ that needs to be accomplished.

We sincerely hope the movie as a whole will enrapture us as much as this “appetizer” does. THE BOURNE LEGACY opens on August 3.

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