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TRAILER: Kevin Costner goes “West” in THE HATFIELDS AND MCCOYS

Okay it isn’t exactly a western, more like a southern, but Kevin Costner is back in the saddle in the new trailer for the 3 part History Channel mini-series, THE HATFIELDS AND THE MCCOYS, which debuts on Memorial Day. Along for the ride: Bill Paxton (not Pullman), Tom Berrenger, Powers Boothe, and Jena Malone.

Costner isn’t the force of nature that he once was, which is probably why this is on The History Channel and not in theaters or at least HBO, but after OPEN ROAD, WYATT EARP, SILVERADO, DANCES WITH WOLVES, and even A PERFECT WORLD (which felt like a western), one has to take notice when Costner steps into a horse and rifle period piece.

Here’s the clip that highlights the violence and hatred that left blood on the soil of the Tug Valley in the moments after the Civil War. A great American feud that pitted clan against clan, brought to life by a talented cast of seasoned vets. Excited? I know I am.

Source: THR

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