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Tuesday Evening Quarterbacking: Hollywood Studios’ Super Bowl Ads


Yes this would have been more appropriate for Monday morning, but since our site has been “under the weather” for the last couple of days, we still are feeling the need to hoist our opinions on you, our dear readers. You may have seen us tweeting about them and even posting them directly onto our Facebook wall, but here are the sneak peeks at a few of the studios’ tentpole films – all in one easy and convenient location. We’d like your opinions too so feel free to share with us below what you thought was the best of this bunch.

And away we go!

Paramount did their ad debuting early on in the week, perhaps taking the proverbial wind out of our sails. Well, just a little anyways. Both THE DICTATOR and G.I. JOE 2: RETALIATION had already made their way onto the net and nothing new was added for game day. No real surprises there. However, our anticipation for both films remains at an all time high.

Disney showed us two teensy, tiny snippets from their JOHN CARTER and THE AVENGERS ads during the week leading up to the big game, which we think was a very smart marketing move. Our appetites had only been whetted for what was to come. We think that Marvel’s THE AVENGERS was hands down the best movie ad during the game. And we think you’ll agree.

At first we thought this was another TRANSFORMERS movie…. but it was just the new BATTLESHIP Super Bowl Ad. Well played Universal. Well played!

Relativity Media snuck in their ad for Navy SEALs action-thriller ACT OF VALOR, thus capitalizing on the game’s mass market audience. Out of this bunch, the film opens the soonest so the ad should pay off in some great box office returns when it debuts on February 24.

Lionsgate also debuted its ad for THE HUNGER GAMES, which aired during the pre-game show. We loved this one too as it got us more excited for those games rather than the game at hand.

What are your thoughts? What was your favorite movie ad? Weigh in below!

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