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DVD Review – HEY ARNOLD! Season 2, Part 1

HEY ARNOLD! Season 2, Part 1
Rating: I loved this show as a kid, and think anyone over six or seven would love it too.
Studio: Shout Factory
MSRP: $19.93, but Amazon has it for $14.99.
Running Time: Ten episodes totaling about 7.5 hrs

What’s Going On?

Fourth grader Arnold continues to grow up and help out his friends and family in the neighboorhood. Season Two’s adventures include Arnold’s bully nemesis Helga trying to overcome her debilitating crush on him, Arnold teaching his best friend Gerald how to ride a bike, and all of the neighborhood kids banding together to save the oldest tree in the city.

Who’s In It:

HEY ARNOLD features the voice talents of Toran Caudell (the voice of King Bob from Disney’s RECESS), Dan Castellaneta (the voice of Homer and Abe Simpson, and several other Simpsons characters), Francesca Smith (the voice of Ashley B. from Disney’s RECESS) and Jamil Walker Smith (SGU Stargate Universe).

If You Like…:

90’s Nicktoons, secret crushes, childhood memories and things that are wonderful, check this out.

Special Features:


The Technical Gist

There was a pretty significant audio balance issue that I noticed between the tracks for the music and the dialogue. In the early episodes on the first disc, the audio for the dialogue was so soft I had to really turn up the volume on my TV to hear it, which made the music almost unbearably loud. The picture quality on the episodes vary a little, too. While most of the episodes look fine, there were a few (“Gerald’s Secret” and “The Big Scoop” in particular) that I noticed that not only looked blurry, but on some places looked like someone had taken a little Vaseline over the lens or something.

The Verdict

The disc isn’t quite as great as I’d like so I can’t recommend a strong buy, but you can watch all five seasons on Netflix Watch Instantly, so take a little trip down memory lane and QUEUE IT.

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