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Get Your Chocolate Syrup Ready: ScarJo to Play Janet Leigh in PSYCHO

I imagine that Scarlett Johansson will start hearing those shrill violin notes pretty soon, as Entertainment Weekly reports that she is set to play Janet Leigh in ALFRED HITCHCOCK AND THE MAKING OF PSYCHO. The title goes on my list of “Most Self Explanatory Movie Titles of the Year”, next to PROJECT X and THE AVENGERS.

Anthony Hopkins will be playing the master of suspense with Helen Mirren as his wife, and, despite my personal desires for Andrew Garfield to play the role of Anthony Perkins (because I believe that Andrew Garfield is Perkins’ doppelganger/long lost child/reincarnation), James D’Arcy. As the title suggests, the film will explore the making of one of the infamous horror films of all time. The writer of Steven Spielberg’s 2004 weepy comedy, THE TERMINAL, Sascha Gervasi, is in the director’s chair. Honestly, I never thought of ScarJo as Janet Leigh. And I don’t see much of a resemblance. But, this is where I am sure they will employ movie magic.

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