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Ryan Gosling is Walt Disney in the first poster for WALT

Ok, ok, so maybe the movie WALT doesnt exist, but after seeing this gorgeous poster done by artist Pascal Witaszek, I really wish that it did. Finding information about this fake poster is next to impossible, but I can tell you that Pascal Witaszek is a french guy and a very talented artist. I am very thankful to the anonymous tip we got on it and hope we can snag further details coming up.

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  • Wishthisisreal

    Man I really wish this movie was real. I bet alot of people would watch it. Amazing art work

  • John Rivera

    This is very good. I would actually pay to see this happen.

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  • T

    Ugh FUCK! I thought this shit was real D: You’re torturing us. Asshole.

  • Manju

    Amazing art work. Far superior than most of the Hollywood posters.
    Would love to see this movie. It already sounds brilliant.

  • coasterick

    Please post a close-up of the credits on this poster; just want to see details, and how creative the person who came up with this was in his/her research!

  • Chris

    This has to get made! I want to see it even more knowing this is a fake.

  • K

    Oh man! I actually thought this was real, and I was getting all excited today when I first found out about it. What a shame! I hope something like it gets made soon though, as I’ve read a lot about Mr. Disney and I’ve been extremely interested in the early years of WD animation lately. The “poster” is absolutely beautiful, I love it! The movie would be an instant hit if it were real, I just know it.

  • pilgrim

    oh man took me way too long to notice the cloud illusion! makes it even better :D

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  • Musky Stoat

    Right, that’s a British carriage introduced in 1951. By that time Walt Disney was far older then presented in this poster. Did he visit Britain in the postwar years?

  • Sevinc

    i wish this movie was real…. i love ryan!

  • lawwin

    I just saw “Ryan Gosling to star in movie Walt about Walt Disney”, and since ABC is owned by Disney, I’m thinking this is true. OMG! I can’t wait to see this movie.

  • lawwin

    That notice was on GMAs ticker on the bottom of the screen, and it’s a little early for April Fool’s Day.

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  • Tagraf

    Can’t we consider this as a proposal?

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  • corbyk

    I would love to see this if it was real I did a 5 min speech Sophmore year on the life of Walt and I could easily see it being turned into a movie! And I think that Ryan Gossling would make a awsome choice for playing the rold of Walt Disney.

  • cham2k

    THE MOVIE IS NOW REALY HAPPENING. Confirmed by director Ron Howard and Ryan Gosslin. I cant believe this poster made Ron Howard take it on!!!!