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TRAILER: MEN IN BLACK 3 Heads Back In Time

It seems like many people have already made up their minds about MEN IN BLACK 3. Most think it’ll be tired, unfunny and unnecessary. This new trailer for the film doesn’t do much to dissuade them.

It’s not that the preview doesn’t provide a few chuckles, it’s just that there’s nothing in here that warrants a brand new film ten years after the last film (and 15 years after the only good one). However, I’ll be seeing this film for Josh Brolin’s killer Tommy Lee Jones impression. The trailer could have used more of that.

MEN IN BLACK 3 finds Agent J heading back to the 1960’s to find a young Agent K and prevent him from being wiped from history. Along the way, he runs into kooky aliens from the past. From what we understand, there’ll be a lot of appearances from famous 60’s figures, such as Andy Warhol who is portrayed by Bill Hader.

Aside from some interesting special effects and clever alien designs, this trailer doesn’t bring much. Your thoughts?

MEN IN BLACK 3 opens May 25th. See the trailer in HD at Yahoo.

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