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Woody Allen Gets His Act Together in New John Turturro Film

Remember that part of HANNAH AND HER SISTERS where Woody Allen is a TV writer for a sketch show and he encounters a fairly belligerent writer whose had his sketch cut from that night’s broadcast? Well, that was John Tuturro. You would have thought that he would have been in more Allen films, partly because Allen has worked with nearly everyone in Hollywood and partly because Turturro has played nebbish/neurotic before (he played Tony Shaloub’s Adrian Monk’s agoraphobic brother on a few episodes of MONK). But that was his only role in an Allen film.

Well, Moviefone reports that the auteur and the actor will reunite, but in a different way. The tables have been turned and occasional indie film director Tuturro will have Allen act in his newest film FADING GIGOLO, the first time in twelve years since Allen has been on the screen in someone else’s film. Paying homage to Woody Allen himself, albeit in the 1980’s, the two will star as friends who break into the male gigolo industry, simply to raise a storm within their strict, Saidic Jewish neighborhood. Taking pseudonyms like any good sex worker, the newly Virgil and Bongo, Turturro’s character will be the main hooker with Allen as his pimp. MODERN FAMILY star Sofia Vergara is also set to star in the film alongside Sharon Stone. THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT producer Jeffrey Kusama-Hinte is in the producing chair, working with distributors MK2. Allen is hot off his most recent Academy Award win for Best Original Screenplay for his magical MIDNIGHT IN PARIS. And with NERO FIDDLED on its way to theaters in only three and a half months, it doesn’t look like the 76-year-old plans on stopping work any time soon.

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