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BEST NEWS EVER: Psst….Wanna Buy THE HUNGER GAMES’ District 12?

Do you like THE HUNGER GAMES? Have you ever dreamt of being a town owner? Well, have we got something that’s right up your alley. Soon, you too, will have the chance to rule your people with fear and intimidation – just like the government in THE HUNGER GAMES! According to The Hollywood Reporter, if you have a cool $1.4 million gathering dust in your bank accounts, you can literally purchase District 12 – or rather the filming location of the successful movie.

Henry River Mill Village is the 72-acre land up for sale. It’s located about 70 miles away from Asheville, N.C and has recently been marked as a hot tourist destination thanks in part to the hugely popular movie. Wade Shepherd, an 83-year-old resident of Henry River Mill Village, told the AP:

 “I’m getting too many visitors…Day and night, they’re driving through, taking pictures, getting out and walking. I’m just bombarded with people.”

You hear that, readers?! Not only could you drive the rent on the land up (if you were of the evil landowner persuasion), but you could really stand to make your money back by offering HUNGER GAMES themed tours and vacations. It could be a goldmine!

If your motives are more of the altruistic nature, you could turn the village into the thriving business community it used to be. The mill, which opened in 1905, produced fine yarn. The village was designed as a planned community with company stores, walkways and green spaces. In 1966, a sheriff was shot and killed in the village by a mill worker. By the time Shepherd bought the town, three years after the mill closed, there were Thursday night poker games on the street,

“and by Sunday afternoon, they were all drunk and shooting.”

So who want to go in on buying this town with us?! It sounds like an incredible deal, no?

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