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Remake Alert: LIVID to Scare Audiences in English!

Usually when I hear of foreign films getting an English language remake polish, I audibly groan. In my opinion, there are only a slim few that are better than their foreign originals: THE RING, THREE MEN AND A BABY, and THE BIRDCAGE. However, some foreign idea might benefit from this much lauded technique. And some are now snapped up with that intent explicitly in mind. LIVID, the French fright-fest, was one of those such acquisitions. It was acquired by Dimension films for distribution and played at a few film fests, but wasn’t made widely accessible for the masses. We caught it at Scream Fest last year and were only minorly impressed with it.

According to Film School Rejects, SND films is readying their remake of directors Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo’s film, but this time around with David Birke (GACY, DAHMER) to adapt. He’s skilled at serial killer flicks so naturally he should be the perfect person to adapt this chiller.

Check out the French original’s trailer below and share your thoughts. What are your favorite English language remakes? And are you eager to see LIVID remade?

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