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Yes, It’s Happening: Are You Ready To Read BRADY BUNCH Inspired Erotica?!

By now y’all have either heard or read about the gigantic phenomenon that is E.L. James’ romance novel, Fifty Shades of Grey. In fact, I reviewed it here. Since the erotic juggernaut started out as Twilight inspired fan fiction, apparently book publishers – desperate to take advantage of the market – have been looking anywhere for the next big thing. And that big thing is…drum roll please… (shudders) THE BRADY BUNCH. Huh?! Sherwood Schwartz must be rolling over in his grave right this minute.

According to the literary blog, Dear Author, Author Kieran Kramer has dreamt up some glorious fan fiction that stars one of our most beloved TV families – the Brady’s. Over the next few years, St. Martin’s Press will be releasing six books, under the series titled THE HOUSE OF BRADY, all centered around the Brady children. This can’t possibly be true! But oh it is.

From the publisher’s release:

USA Today bestselling author Kieran Kramer’s new series THE HOUSE OF BRADY, following the six aristocratic adult siblings of a blended marriage who carve out their own paths to true love, to Jennifer Enderlin at St. Martin’s, in a significant deal, in a six-book deal, by Jenny Bent at The Bent Agency.

And from Kramer’s blog:

My next project is a 6-book series called The House of Brady. The series will follow the adult romanric lives of each of the siblings in a blended family. The first book is about Lady Marcia. The next will be Gregory’s story. Then Jana’s, Peter’s, Robert’s, and Cynthia’s!!!

Surely this sounds like a clear violation of intellectual property laws, right?! Not so fast. Upon questioning the publisher, Dear Author received this response:

LOVING LADY MARCIA (as is also true for future books in the series) is a regency romance.  The book is set in London in the early 1800s.  The plots and characters in the novel are not based on any of the episodes from the popular television series The Brady Bunch, which of course was set in California in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  The use in the romance novels of certain character names for the members of the artistocratic family, and the name Brady, is intended as a humorous nod to the TV show, nothing more.  Homage of this sort does not require permission, nor does it raise copyright concerns.

So it sounds like it’s just a wink-and-sly-smile to THE BRADY BUNCH Television show and the lead of these novels will be similar in name alone. Well, if James can turn her fantasies into a best selling operation, why shouldn’t Kramer?! It’s not like literary twists  have never happened before (see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, by Jane Austen & Seth Grahame-Smith, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, also by Grahame-Smith, as warped examples)

Loving Lady Marcia hits shelves on August 28. And you’d better believe yours truly will be reading and reporting on this. For now, I’m busy reading chapter one.

***UPDATE*** May we suggest 50 Shades of Greg as a title?!

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