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Pennywise Is Back! Cary Fukunaga To Direct Stephen King’s IT

Are you afraid of clowns? Well, I’ve got some bad news for you.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Cary Fukunaga (JANE EYRE) has been hired by Warner Bros. to direct an adaptation of Stephen King’s IT. Fukunaga will co-write the script with Chase Palmer. THR says WB plans to split the book into two films, giving you double the clown-related nightmares. Sorry.

You already know the plot for IT: a group of young kids from Derry, Maine band together to strike down an evil force which manifests itself in the form of a smiling, creepy clown named Pennywise (pictured above). Years later, the group reunites as adults in order to destroy the creature once and for all.

IT is one of King’s biggest, most beloved books. It was adapted once before for TV back in 1990. The mini-series had its issues (as does every King TV adaptation) but it was memorable for Tim Curry’s freaky portrayal of Pennywise. Whoever takes on the role has big, long, goofy shoes to fill.

Warner Bros. is obviously committed to the project, seeing as how they’ve picked a critically acclaimed director and are allowing him to split the story into two movies. They’ve been knocking at King’s door for awhile now; the studio still has THE STAND in development, another project that would allegedly be several films. Perhaps WB feels that Stephen King could provide them with their next storied franchise.

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