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What Did David Say To The Engineer At The End Of PROMETHEUS?


There are a lot of unanswered questions from PROMETHEUS. Why did the Engineers create humans? Why did they later decide that was a bad idea? There are many more, of course, but those are the biggest and more obvious choices. As planned, we’ll learn the answers in the proposed PROMETHEUS sequel(s).

One question that won’t be answered is this: what the hell did David say to the Engineer towards the end of the film? As you recall, David, Elizabeth, an aged Weyland and their crew revive the long dorment Engineer only to be assaulted and killed by him. Before the fight, David says something to the big guy in another language but there are no subtitles.

So, what did he say? Dr. Anil Biltoo, Linguist Teacher on the set, has revealed that David told the Space Jockey this:

“This man (Weyland) is here because he does not want to die. He believes you can give him more life.”

And that’s what drove the Engineer to rip David’s head off, kill Weyland and then go about wrecking havoc. God, that guy’s got a temper.

While that reveal might be a little underwhelming, Biltoo also mentioned that there was a whole conversation between the two characters, not just one sentence. It’s expected that Ridley Scott will release a longer (30 additional minutes!) cut of the film on Blu-ray. Hopefully the release will include the entire back-and-forth.

I hope David asked the Engineer how often he worked out. That guy was ripped.

Thanks to Rope of Silicon for the cool tip.

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