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Rating: Not Rated, but there’s some serious sex, drugs, and violence in this show (as the packaging would indicate) so it’s definitely not for kids.
Studio: BBC
MSRP: $24.98 but Amazon has the two disc set for $20.97.
Running Time: 6 episodes totaling about 273 minutes

What’s Going On?

A group of juvenile delinquents is caught in a freak lightning storm and is granted with superpowers. Kelly can read people’s thoughts, Curtis can rewind time, Alisha can drive men into extreme lust with a touch, Simon can become invisible and Nathan…he’s still trying to figure it out. The group is forced to work together in the wake of a murder that occurs right after the storm, all while discovering how to use their powers.

Who’s In It:

MISFITS stars Iwan Rheon, Robert Sheehan, Lauren Socha, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett and Antonia Thomas. Season One also features appearances from Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark of GAME OF THRONES) and Jessica Brown Findlay (Lady Sybil Crawley from DOWNTON ABBEY)

If You Like…:

MISFITS is like HEROES (before it sucked) meets the wit and approach to character of Joss Whedon plus the other UK hit SKINS (which I definitely recommend) with a big wink at I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER – which the show totally acknowledges.

Special Features:

There’s MAKING OF MISFITS, which is a three part look at the making of the series. There’s a look at the series’ casting , as well as two of the show’s bigger stunts. NOTE: There are HUGE SERIES SPOILERS for the season in these featurettes so do NOT watch them if you haven’t seen the series yet.

There are also cast and crew interviews and a look at Simon’s films, which he’s constantly shooting on his cell phone during the show.

The Technical Gist

While the quality of the DVD is fine, the one issue I have with this release is why BBC hasn’t decide to release this series in high definition. Before I was sent the DVD I had bought the whole first season for five bucks in high definition from iTunes for five bucks and you can get the whole first season in HD for eight bucks from Amazon.

On top of all that you can watch the first three seasons of the show in HD for free on Hulu. It just seems silly that this show, which has gained a cult following in the states and is beloved by fans isn’t released with more fanfare than this, especially when digital versions of the show are available in high definition for less money.

The Verdict

Because the show isn’t yet available in blu-ray and for it’s lackluster special features, I can’t recommend that you buy it until that happens, but in the meantime,  I’d STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you QUEUE IT or watch it, in one way or another as soon as you can. It’s a great show with some of the best young actors working today and Whedonesque writing that admirers of his work as well as strong genre work in general will love. Since you can get it on Hulu for free there’s no reason not to – get to it!

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