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TRAILER: Eisenberg tries to keep it together in WHY STOP NOW

We’ve all had parents who have embarrassed us; it’s a right of passage and a consequence of our hyper-sensitivity to such things and also the inherent goofyness of parents — but most of these events are trivial. Your drug addict mother bringing her drug dealer to your audition? Un-trivial, but that is part of the apparent madness going on in WHY STOP NOW, Phil Dorling and Ron Nyswaner ‘s new comedy that stars Jesse Eisenberg as a college student and piano master who is trying to deal with a life changing audition, his little sister, his mother (Melissa Leo), and her mother’s drug dealer, Sprinkles (played by Tracy Morgan).

At first glance of the trailer, it almost looks like another mayhem filled driving-around movie for Eisenberg, who headlined last year’s 30 MINUTES OR LESS, but you can tell this one has a bit more sentiment behind it and Morgan looks at ease in the brief bit that we get to see, not always “on”, which is a nice change of pace that might serve him well.

The film is available on-demand right now, on the following services: SundanceNOW, iTunes, Amazon Streaming, PS3, and XBOX. It will hit theaters on August 17th.

Check out the official synopsis and the trailer below:

WHY STOP NOW brings together the comic talents of Academy Award-nominee Jesse Eisenberg, Academy Award-winner Melissa Leo and Tracy Morgan in the summer’s wildest comedy.  Eli (Eisenberg) is a piano prodigy.  Today is the audition that will determine his future– will he launch a career and take off into the world? Or will he stay stuck, caring for his sister and mother (Leo) who, despite her cheerful, loving disposition, is a drug addict. The only obstacle to a seamless transition into his future is dropping off Mom off at the center where she will enter rehab, but a glitch in the system forces sends them off to enlist the help of an unlikely ally, her drug dealer Sprinkles (Morgan). The day spirals downhill quickly, and the hapless team must collaborate every step of the way to battle their own demons and get Eli out of the rabbit hole.

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