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New Flesh? Universal Planning VIDEODROME Remake

It was only a matter of time until Cronenberg’s dark, sick, and brilliant masterpiece VIDEODROME would get a modern remake.

VIDEODROME, which recently made Sight and Sound’s 2012 list of the 250 greatest films of all time (clocking in at 202) is possibly getting a remake at Universal Studios from commercial and music video director Adam Berg, says The Playlist. The script will reportedly be penned by Ehren Kruger, known for TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON. But, how, exactly, are they going to spin this one? David Cronenberg’s mysterious sci-fi horror film revolves around a TV channel that infects the minds of its viewers. While certain aspects of its script and themes were prophetic (usernames, video chatting, “Television is the retina of the mind’s eye”), others seem antiquated and dated. BetaMax anyone? Yup, the film uses BetaMax tapes, even though BetaMax never took off (in the Criterion edition of the film’s supplements, the special effects advisors say that they opted for BetaMax instead of VHS because BetaMax was more compact and its defunct nature helped thematically). What would that mean for today? Breathing Blu-ray discs? Tablets that latched onto the users’ hands? Would they bring back that killer gun? Who knows.

The original film, released in 1983 and starring James Woods and Debbie Harry, is known for its chilling visuals and dark subject matter. While there’s probably no doubt that the project will pale in comparison to the original, one does wonder how the thematic material will be appropriated in a modern context.

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