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You Know Her Name: Adele to Sing the Theme to SKYFALL

From Carly Simon and Shirley Bassey to Duran Duran and Paul McCartney and Wings, Adele will join the ranks of musicians who gave Bond his signature sound, the Film Stage reports. Although the British soul songstress had hinted at the idea of performing the newest Bond theme for SKYFALL nearly a year ago, it has only been confirmed now that she’ll belt out the theme song for Bond’s latest mission.

One hopes that the song will be as legendary as something like “Goldfinger”, famously sung by Shirley Bassey. Lord knows, all you need to take a listen to is “Rolling in the Deep” to get that Adele has one hell of a voice that can certainly handle a little belting. Although usual Bond composer David Arnold won’t on board with SKYFALL, Adele will be composing the song herself. Hopefully, it’ll be brassy and fit perfectly along with the Bond song set list.

Meanwhile, take a listen to my personal favorite Bond track, Chris Cornell’s “You Know My Name”, which was the theme to the 2006 Bond outing CASINO ROYALE.

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