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PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 Might Contain First Look At Latino PA Spin-off

The PARANORMAL ACTIVITY movies are money in the bank. People just love being freaked out by night vision jolts and jumps. The latest entry in the series, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4, bursts into theaters on October 19th and rumor has it that the film will give audience members a glimpse at the first PA spin-off.

The reliable Blood Disgusting reports that fans who stay post-credits will get a first look at the Latino-themed PARANORMAL ACTIVITY spin-off. The film, which is due in 2013, is much like all the other PA films. However, this one isn’t a reboot or sequel, it’s a “cousin” to the established franchise. As well, it will have “a Latino cast and will tackle Catholic-based paranormal mythology.”  But don’t worry, English speakers, the movie won’t be in Spanish.

The planned film will be written and directed by Christopher Landon (DISTURBIA). PA producers Jason Blum and Oren Peli will be behind-the-scenes on this one too. We previously heard that the movie might debut in January 2013 but that’s not set in stone. If PA 4 does in fact contain a short clip from the spin-off, you can bet more news about the film will be forthcoming. Stay tuned.

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