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Will Bryan Singer Replace Matthew Vaughn On X-MEN: FIRST CLASS 2?

X-MEN: FIRST CLASS 2 is doing the director shuffle!

Deadline reports that Matthew Vaughn, the man who directed FIRST CLASS, is no longer attached to the sequel. That’s a bummer, he did so well with the first one. But here’s where things get even more surprising: Fox’s top choice to replace Vaughn is Bryan Singer. That’s right, the man who helmed the original X-MEN and its follow-up X2 might come back home to the rebooted franchise.

You know what they say: if you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it was truly meant to be.

Deadline doesn’t say why Vaughn is stepping down but apparently he’s not leaving completely, he’ll still stick around as producer. He’s already worked on a treatment for the film so he’ll be involved, just not calling the shots. Deadline says he’s already setting up another project at Fox: an adaptation of the Mark Millar comic book SECRET SERVICE. So another comic book movie just not this comic book movie.

Singer coming back would be a surprising choice just because he’s already been there, done that. Obviously he’s a good fit for the series and would make X-MEN fans happy. His first two superhero films, especially X2, are beloved. His take on Superman however? Not as much. I’m sure he’ll be welcomed by X-MEN fans with open arms.

If this comes to fruition, Fox will have to work fast to make this happen. X-MEN: FIRST CLASS – DAYS OF FUTURE PAST is scheduled to open July 18, 2014 so things will get moving soon.

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