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Rating: PG
Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
MSRP: $19.99 but Amazon has it for $13.86 or you can buy it from Amazon Instant for ten bucks.
Running Time: 90 minutes

What’s Going On?

Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Theodore “Ted” Logan, a couple of idiots “in danger of flunking most heinously” out of their San Dimas High School world history class if they don’t nail their final presentation. What they both don’t know is that in 700 years in the future, their music has somehow put an end to all war and has become the cultural foundation for a peaceful new world order, so passing this test is of the utmost importance.

Who’s In It:

Keanu Reeves, in his breakout role, Alex Winter, and George Carlin star.

If You Like…:

Righteous bros, air guitar, malls, gross misrepresentions of historical figures, or are wondering what an Americanized version of Doctor Who might look like, then check this out.

Special Features:

Included on this disc are The Original Bill & Ted – In Conversation with Chris & Ed in which the film’s writers discuss their real life friendship, on which the characters were based, as well as their inspiration for writing the film.

There’s also an Air Guitar Tutorial with Bjorn Turoque & The Rockness Monster, for all of your shredding needs.

There’s also an episode of the early 90s animated series, “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures”, titled “One Sweet and Sour Chinese Adventure To Go” in which the duo inadvertently create Chinese take-out while trying to replace a broken vase.

And check out this sweet infographic for the film! (Click on the image to enlarge!)

The Technical Gist

I never saw this movie theatrically or even caughty it on a random cable channel over the years, but the transfer here is far from bogus. It is most excellent indeed.

The Verdict

I didn’t quite see the appeal of this film, perhaps because it was before my time, but BILL & TED have not aged as well as other 80s movies. It may hold a special places in the hearts of folks of a certain age, but it’s particular brand of siliness didn’t really do anything. Call me bogus, but I’d say QUEUE IT.

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